Open Range | Case Study

Aug 25, 2022 | Case Studies

How Open Range increased customer retention and loyalty utilizing Check This Out’s SMS Marketing Platform.


The Problem

Increased Competition from Chains and Seasonal Fluctuations for Bozeman Steakhouse

Open Range is a fine dining steakhouse located in Bozeman, Montana. Their team of culinary experts serve signature steaks and fresh seafood crafted using time-honored techniques. Open Range is renowned for offering an old-fashioned dining experience that focuses on putting their customers first.

Open Range’s goal when first reaching out to Check This Out was to differentiate themselves from other restaurants. With so many options for dining in Bozeman, Open Range needed to stand out from the rest. Since restaurants have thinner margins than other businesses, having a steady stream of customers is crucial to their success, and competition for customers is fierce. With the pandemic easing, Open Range was looking to get people back in their restaurant and increase their customer retention.

Open Range was tired of taking time to create elaborate print and radio campaigns and not seeing the results they desired. Issues such as high cost, low return on investment, and time kept popping up with their traditional marketing efforts. Also, some of their data was potentially unaccounted for, since they had to keep track of their results manually. They needed to know what was working to make informed decisions on their advertising campaigns. Looking to transform their efforts into something positive and highly trackable, Open Range turned to Check This Out.


The Solution

Accountable, Budget-Minded SMS Marketing

By using Check This Out, Open Range has effectively created trackable campaigns that take less time to create than a social media post. Open Range now has the ability to create, launch, and track powerful campaigns all within one platform. They no longer have to prioritize expensive photoshoots, long design meetings, or looming deadlines to worry about when using Check This Out. They are now able to spend more time running a restaurant instead of creating advertising campaigns. What’s more, they are able to tap into their existing and local customer base for true word-of-mouth marketing.

Check This Out’s text messaging campaigns have a 98% open rate, so the platform makes it possible for Open Range to meet their customers where they are while building a lasting relationship. Check This Out’s text message marketing software allows Open Range to stay at the top of customers’ minds without overwhelming them and potentially putting them off. Open Range can easily track what campaigns work by monitoring how many people open their text messages. With this wealth of information easily available within their Check This Out account dashboard, Open Range can make informed decisions on what marketing efforts work and when. With Check This Out, businesses only pay for what they use, giving Open Range full control of their budget.


The Results 

How Check This Out Impacted Their Efforts

Implementing Check This Out text messaging software led to:

  • $15,000 sales in one day
  • One-day reservations went from 0 to full in 48 hours
  • Selling out of mussels for the first time since bringing them back after promoting them on Check This Out
  • More eyes on their brand

Check This Out simplified Open Range’s marketing strategy while bolstering their return on investment, customer retention, and ability to track campaigns. Open Range no longer has to struggle with the extra work that comes with print or radio marketing, such as design meetings, expensive upfront costs, or manually tracking results. Many of our clients experience the same success as Open Range with our average generated return on investment being 1237%.

“I, 100 percent, would have used Check This Out sooner if I had known about it.”
Jason Crume, Open Range VP of Operations

“It takes less time to create and send a Check This Out campaign than an Instagram post.”

Henry Power, Open Range General Manager

“Check This Out is easier to use than print because there are no deadlines, no design meetings, and no expensive photo shoots.“

Jason Crume, Open Range VP of Operations

If you’re a restaurant or small business owner looking to increase your customer retention through text message marketing, we’d love to help. Let’s get more mouths at your tables and feet through your doors today by accelerating your text messaging marketing—together! Contact us today for a demo.

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