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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the value of loyal customers cannot be underestimated. We know these customer behaviors to be true:

  1. Customers are more likely to buy from a business if they are referred by a friend, and
  2. Customers come back more often when you keep them engaged.

At Check This Out, we harness the power of referral marketing and expedite the process of engaging customers via text message marketing. Our clean, easy-to-use platform drives new traffic to your business and keeps loyal customers returning. Check This Out’s SMS software makes it simple for your customers to spread the news about your business and for you to reward customers for referrals. From easy customer onboarding to text message campaigns to discount incentives, we do the work of gaining new customers and rewarding loyal ones for you.

How It Works

One-of-a-Kind SMS Software: Easy, Convenient, & Efficient

Import Your Existing Customers

Import your current customers’ phone numbers into your customized Check This Out business account. You can upload your customers via CSV file or manually—whatever you choose!

Create a Text Campaign

Create a custom text campaign to connect with your customers and invite them to your referral program. You can include links in your texts for customers to order online or book their next visit.

Customize Your Campaign for Referrals

Encourage customers to send their friends and family your way by sending them a text discount to your business. Check the "Add Referral Text" box to activate and include your referral program configurations.

Customers Onboard Themselves

Sit back and let your texts and discount incentives do the work for you! Customers self-onboard to your customer base through QR codes or by texting a keyword customized for your business.

Track Your ROI

Track your text campaign conversions, top promoters, and how many new and repeat customers come into your business through Check This Out's referral and text campaign platform. Watch your ROI soar!

Redeem Discount

Click “Redeem Discount” in your Check This Out account when a referred customer buys your goods or services using a Check This Out discount. You can customize discount amounts and when they expire.


Your business is literally in your pocket with Check This Out.

We designed our SMS software with ease and effectiveness in mind. You can’t beat the value you get from Check This Out’s features!

Engaging Text Messaging

Our text messaging campaigns let you attach photos/videos and schedule texts to send out whenever you want.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Check This Out is completely mobile-friendly, so you can easily send out texts on the go.

Sharable Links

Customers can send links and QR codes to their friends and family to encourage them to visit your business.

Easy Discount Tracking & Redemption

You can see who your top promoters are and quickly redeem discounts with the press of a button.

Test Text Messaging

Want to test your texts before you send them to customers? Check This Out lets you send test text messages to your team.

Understandable Metrics

You can easily see your campaigns’ effectiveness and how much revenue you generate with our simple referral-tracking solutions.

Cost-Efficient Pricing

You only pay for what you use with Check This Out. You could pay as little as $.0115 per SMS text or $.0345 per MMS.

We’re excited to help you fill seats, increase foot traffic, and skyrocket your ROI.

Ready to See Your Business Boom?

1. Get a Demo

Drop us a line about what your business needs are, and we’ll schedule a time to chat more about how we can help you reach your goals.

2. Customize the Software

We’ll sit down with you to help you tailor the platform to fit your unique business. Check This Out is built for you!

3. Watch the Customers Roll In

Ready. Set. Go! Launch your referral and text campaigns and see your business grow with increased referrals and repeat business.

Ready to See Your Business Boom?

We’re excited to help you fill seats, increase foot traffic, and skyrocket your ROI!