Target & Reach Guests

Use text message marketing analytics to get to know your guests and encourage them to visit again and again.

See Your Impact & Inspire Growth with Analytics

Seeing the results of your SMS marketing efforts is powerful. There’s no doubt about that! You can analyze your audience’s behavior, know who’s boosting your revenue, and watch your guest list grow. Better yet, you can use these insights to inform your future SMS campaigns and increase guest visits. With Check This Out’s analytics dashboard, you can use direct customer data to pinpoint your top referrers, your chatty cathies. Save time and money on lackluster marketing efforts by using this data to tailor your SMS campaigns to your guest’s unique needs. Harness the power of analytics to reach your guests, fill seats, and boost word-of-mouth referrals!

ROI in gross sales for every $1 spent on Check This Out


Open rate for texts. Update your guests on specials, events, and more.

Minutes or less to create, preview, and schedule text campaigns.

Word-of-mouth marketing guests are 4x more likely to buy.

The Benefits of Text Message Marketing Analytics

Check This Out Text Message Marketing
Identify Your Biggest Spenders & Referrals
  • With our analytics dashboard, you can monitor your audience’s behavior and see who is visiting, driving referrals, and engaging with your messages the most.
  • Create tailored audience segments customized to your needs. Connect with top referrers, allow people to redeem discounts, and target audiences with high referral conversion rates.
Group of friends interacting with waiter at restaurant
Target & Encourage New Guests
  • Make data-based decisions to create SMS campaigns tailored to the unique needs of each audience segment.
  • Our in-depth analytics help you stay on top of guest needs and preferences so you inspire them to visit again.
Group of friends looking at referral on phone at restaurant
Nurture Each Segment of Your Audience
  • With our easy-to-read metrics, you can monitor the success of each SMS campaign to improve your marketing efforts and better connect with your audience.
  • Keep your client list clean and full of engaged guests.
How it Works

Send a Text, Get More People at Tables

Keep your guests engaged and inspired with our referral marketing software.
1. Onboard Guests

Guests can onboard themselves to your Check This Out database through the Check This Out website widget, QR code, keyword opt-in, or you can import your established guests into your customized Check This Out business account.

2. Welcome Guests

Welcome guests and invite them to spread the word about your business. Guests can earn credit at your business by sharing referral discounts with friends and family, all via text.

3. Watch Your Customer-Base Grow

Watch as guests refer you to their loved ones and share discounts. Our word-of-mouth marketing software integrates seamlessly with Check This Out’s SMS campaign marketing module so that you can send specials and event updates to newly acquired contacts.

4. Stay a Priority with Guests

Keep your new and existing guests engaged with text messaging tools and nudges. Easily create SMS marketing campaigns and schedule them to go out any day and time you’d like. Attach photos and videos to announce specials, updated hours, events, new locations, and more.

5. Track Everything

Identify your top promoters and reward them to keep them coming back for more. Track referrals, discounts, your text marketing campaigns, and ROI.

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